Monday, November 15, 2010

Holly Daze 2010

Every Fall, Penny Harper has a super fun shopping event at her beautiful home in Sherwood.  This is Holly Daze 2010!

You just can't help but be jealous of Penny's studio - it's perfect!  It's big, beautiful, comfortable, and even has a sink and a flat screen TV.  Here is some of the beautiful jewelry that Penny makes in her studio.

Stacy Osborn of By His Grace Designs was there with her beautiful creations.  It was great to meet Stacy, since I had heard so much about her.  She is tres elegant and cool - you'd never guess she has three children and works a full-time job!

Custom Cards by Sue Winkley.  Sue and her husband, Rex, are always going somewhere cool and having the most fun, plus she does an enormous amount of volunteer work.  I don't see how she has time to make these really special and intricate cards!  I had to buy some for myself, of course.

My friend Patti Arp, of Bead, Wire, 'n Fire, made this beautiful set.  This is Patti's own design and I just love it.  Even though it's put together with wire, all you feel against your skin is cool, smooth stones.  The picture just doesn't do it justice.  My new camera and I are still getting to know each other!

Margaret Horton brought her fascinating Miche Bags.  If you've never seen these before, they are really ingenious.  You start with a base purse, such as black or bone, and you then change the look of the purse by adding one of a bajillion different shells - really cool!

Sharon Johnson, of Norah's Goods, made this gorgeous jewelry.  I should have taken my picture sooner, because she had already sold a bunch of it by the time I came around!

Betty Bloore, of Blue Iris, knitted these incredibly soft scarves with a yarn named Cocoon.  So pretty!

Linda Whitlow, of Stitched in Romance, brought her super embroidered items.  She had everything from bibs to towels to potato cookers!

And last, but not least, Judy Nelms, of Sassy Sweaters, made the most adorable little sweaters.  Judy takes adult sized sweaters, felts them down to child size, and then lets loose with her creativity by embellishing each sweater with yarn, buttons, ruffles, etc.  Sooooooooooo cute and clever!

So, we all had big fun!  As always at Miss Penny's house, we had plenty of food, great companionship, and lots of happy conversation.  Thanks Penny!