Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend

It's a tradition in my family to celebrate the whole weekend, if your birthday falls on a weekend.  This blog is about my birthday weekend 2010.  So, you're thinking "What the heck is this picture for?!".  Well, my friends Sharon and Brenda and I went to Fort Smith to go to the annual Bead Show at the Convention Center.  Brenda brought her nifty little GPS and put in the address for the Convention Center.  We ended up out in the middle of nowhere and the GPS announced "You have reached your destination".  We laughed till it hurt.  Turns out there are two destinations in the Fort Smith area with an address of 55 South Seventh Street.  Huh.
Anyway, we finally got to the Convention Center and had big fun shopping.  Then Brenda treated us to lunch at a cool little retro burger place.  Sharon drove us home through pounding rain and we ate wonderful birthday cake in the car.  That night, Sweetie and I watched The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock - BIG tear jerker, but really good.
Then on Sunday Sweetie and I had yummy pancakes for breakfast and went shopping at antique stores and book stores.  All in all, a very good Birthday Weekend.  Nothing better than having super friends and a sweet husband! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bead and Button Show 2010

It's June, so it's off to Milwaukee again for the Bead and Button Show with my friends Patti and Penny.  Here we are in front of the Ten Year Anniversay Poster, all caffeined up and ready to shop. Patti's Dora went into labor the morning we left for Milwaukee, so we were getting regular updates on the seven new puppies. 

Penny took a picture of a seagull outside our hotel window our second day - pretty cool.  Patti was up early to take a class on bezeling, and Penny and I walked around Milwaukee and visited a local bead store.  Then we shopped at the Bead Show Preview from 4 to 9, which is for people who pre-registered for the show.  With more than 370 vendor booths, it's a bit overwhelming!

This is one of the many pieces on display at the show.  People from all over the world submit their work and it's really amazing what they create!

and another....

and another...

After we shopped all our money away, we headed out and had an easy drive home.  Such fun - it went by way too fast!